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This 10-day (free) email course is bursting with startling essential oil facts fit for a beginner as well as a certified practitioner. Our four experts will take you on this aromatic journey and help you tackle down the most common aromatherapy misconceptions, sharing “secrets” on formulating while making essential oil chemistry fun, useful and (literally) visual while playing with Dropsmith. 'EOs with the Pros' will teach you the concepts of biology, chemistry and formulating, so you can really understand how aromatherapy works. You’ll see essential oils and formulating through new eyes, this way you can discover more about aromatherapy even after the course is completed.

'EOs with the Pros' is a series of 10 emails, each written by an expert in their field enriched by fun video discussions and tutorials as well as interactive assignments designed to inspire and deepen your aromatherapy practice. As a bonus, you have full free access to Dropsmith during the course to make chemistry easier to follow and provide you with the freshest information on essential oils.


Why are there no essential oils in plants? Meet the plant volatiles with Dr. Petra Ratajc, an expert in the field of medicinal and aromatic plants.

Botanical names and chemotypes: do you know what’s in your bottle? Take a fresh perspective on the subject with Dropsmith and learn how to get the most out of it from the founder herself, Melani Kovač.

What are functional groups and how are they relevant to using essential oils? Tackling down EO chemistry with chemistry professor Dr. Katja Žmitek with colourful interactive assignments designed to make EO chemistry tangible and fun.

Have you noticed that some chemical components keep on popping up together? Tips and tricks from the experts on synergistic interactions with a fun video on synergy.

What properties are you looking for in an EO when blending? What really is an infection? How to chose an oil for your pain? Marija Kolarović, Mr. Ph. will share the blending recipes from her pharmacy as well as explain some common questions on pain, inflammation and infections to help you make more effective blends.

Making a full circle of aromatic goods with a summary of the 10-day (free) email course and a closing video discussion. Let's take aromatherapy to the next level together.

Meet the experts

Assist. Prof. Dr. Katja Žmitek

Professor at Higher school of applied sciences

Katja received her PhD in Chemistry from the University of Ljubljana for research in the field of artemisinin like peroxidic antimalarials. Since 2008 she has been researcher and teacher at the Cosmetics Department at Higher School of Applied Sciences, where she is a lecturer in courses such as Chemistry of the essential oils and Biochemistry in undergraduate and masters programs. She is head of the research group at Institute of Cosmetics, where she specializes in clinical studies for the evaluation of the effects of various substances, apparatus and procedures on the skin. She collaborates in several Slovenian and European research projects and is author or co-author of many research publications.

Dr. Petra Ratajc

Biologist, researcher and educator

Petra is a biologist, researcher and educator. She received her PhD from the University of Ljubljana, evaluating quality of local medicinal plants and their essential oils. Her primary interests are medicinal and aromatic plants and secondary plant metabolites, with the main focus on safety, efficacy and pharmacology of essential oils and other herbal products. For the last few years, Petra has been engaged as a lecturer and expert book reviewer and is the author of the research about the home use of essential oils in Slovenia. She regularly cooperates with Slovenian and international herbalists and aromatherapists. In 2017, Petra started an international blog The PhytoVolatilome, with the aim to present plants and essential oils in a wider context, share independent information and empower readers to make informed decisions.

Melani Kovač, IT engineer

Dropsmith's founder, Aromatherapist and Lecturer at Higher school of applied sciences

Melani devoted her last 10 years solely to promoting aromatherapy. To serve this purpose she’s founded Aromainstitut through which she organises and supports different aromatherapy projects, collaborates with colleagues, non-profit organisations, homes for the elderly, hospitals, universities and anyone who can benefit from aromatherapy or is hoping to incorporate aromatherapy in their work. Her IT background, curiosity as well as working as an educator for a very wide variety of students along with collaborating with distillers, sellers, nurses and scientists inspired her to create a global online platform for all essential oil users and sellers - Dropsmith. Her goal is to make aromatherapy simple, fun and as precise and as safe as possible.

Marija Kolarović, Mr. Ph.

Pharmacist, Clinical Aromatherapist, Phytotherapist and educator

With almost 20 years of experience working with patients in a clinical setting, Marija has taken her passion for nature and phytotherapy to the next level by providing quality aromatherapy remedies for her patients at the apothecary as well as sharing her knowledge through aromatherapy education. Her formulations include a vast variety of aroma cosmetics, as well as suppositories and vaginalettes (with which she has great success treating patients with HPV infections). She’s founded a non-profit organisation Verbena through which she organises and provides aromatherapy and natural cosmetics education. She believes education is the key to unlock the mystery of formulating.

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